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Help Us Help You – Changes to the Account Recovery Process

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There are few things more frustrating than losing access to your email – whether because you forgot your password or, worse, someone else guessed it – which is why we want to ensure that if it happens to you, the recovery process is as smooth and painless as possible. On that note, beginning this week, we’re rolling out some changes that will both improve recovery rates and make the overall Yahoo! experience even more reliable.

Here’s how it works: To help prove you are who you say you are if you ever lose access to your account, Yahoo! will now give you the option to provide additional account information such as an alternate email address and new secret questions. For US users, we will also incorporate the option to include your mobile phone number. We’ll store this information securely in your record so that if you ever lose access to your account, this data can be used to expedite the recovery process.

We’re doing this to help eliminate the headaches caused when people forget their registration details – you’d be surprised how many people can’t recall the basic information they provided when they signed up for their Yahoo! ID. In addition, with the advent of social networking and public profiles, details like your zip code or birthday may be publicly available, and we want to better protect your online experience by making sure you’re the only one who can accurately answer our account recovery challenges.

Beginning this week, after successfully logging into Yahoo! Mail, select users will be automatically redirected to a page where they will be asked to update their account with this new information. Users who wish to update their account information proactively can do so by visiting Also from now on, anyone who successfully recovers a lost or compromised account will be asked to update their information to this new standard at the end of the recovery process.

We take privacy very seriously at Yahoo!, and this is part of our overall commitment to providing a safe, easy to use, and reliable online experience. For more tips, be sure to check out our guidelines for spotting online scams and top tips for protecting your Yahoo! Mail account. You can also head over to for additional information on protecting yourself online.


One Response to “Help Us Help You – Changes to the Account Recovery Process”
  1. eric says:

    Yahoo security questions are actually a security hole. Someone hijacked my account (I think by guessing the security answers) and now even if I recover my account, I can not make yahoo change these original security questions (If you think you have changed, in the ‘forgot password’ page, yahoo gives you an option ‘this is not my security question’ and it displays the original security question again. In other words, you account would never be safe when security questions are guessed once.

    And yahoo customer care is a joke. The emails (not the automatic ones, the ones sent from ‘real’ names like ‘Jane’) give me the impression that they are typed by monkeys. They don’t read you problem, they are conditioned to look for keywords and send out a prepared email. for example, I’ve filled up the form for restore email request (hacker deleted all my emails), and I got an answer explaining “How can I check the Trash can Folder” Bravo !

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