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Keyboard Shortcuts – Part 2

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Last week we took a look at some of the keyboard shortcuts available in the all-new Yahoo! Mail. We looked at the basics: opening and closing a message, composing and sending, etc. Today I wanted to dive a little deeper and look at some shortcuts that really make Yahoo! Mail great and you incredibly productive.

Moving messages with a single keystroke:
Do you use personal folders to keep your mailbox organized? Did you know that the numbers 1-9 on your keyboard correspond to the first 9 of your folders? So when you’re finished reading a message, just press the right number and off it goes. No need to click and drag.

Here are some other quick tips for moving messages:

  • You can see which number your folder is by clicking the ‘Move’ button at the top of your mailbox. Your folders are listed in numerical order
  • If you want to make it even easier, just rename your folders and put a number in front of the folder name (i.e. 1 Family, 2 Orders, etc).
  • If you like the idea of renaming folders use the F2 key to rename a folder
  • Finally, 0 (zero) moves a message from any folder back to the Inbox
  • We’ve stopped at 9. So if you want to move a message to the 10th folder in your list, you’ll have to grab that mouse.

Navigate your mailbox without a mouse:
One of the features that I think makes the new Yahoo! Mail so great is the ability to have multiple messages (tabs) open at the same time from right inside your mailbox. Using CTRL+] (that’s the right bracket key) will move from one tab to another (going from left to right). Need to go the other direction CTRL+[ (that’s the left bracket key).

No need to stop there. Hitting TAB will let your navigate all around your Mailbox. This time SHIFT+TAB sends you the other way around. Looking at your Inbox? Need to perform a search? Just hit SHIFT+TAB and your cursor goes into the search box. Type your query and hit Enter.

Just a reminder that the complete list of shortcuts can be found on our help site. And don’t forget you can always look at the tool-tips when you mouse over a link.

I hope you find these features as useful as I do. Every time I find that I have to use an email that isn’t Yahoo Mail (for testing purposes only, of course) I’m always disappointed when I can’t use my keyboard.

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