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Working Together: Yahoo! Messenger and Lotus Sametime

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Great news! The Yahoo! Messenger interoperability with IBM Lotus Sametime is officially live. Yahoo! Messenger users can now IM with IBM’s ten million Sametime users.

Sametime is the world’s best selling enterprise IM software and part of the IBM Lotus software suite. To add a friend who uses Sametime to your Yahoo! Messenger contact list, click the “+” button on your Messenger window. Then enter your friend’s email address and choose the “Lotus Sametime” network from the drop down menu.

One important note if you’re trying to add a Lotus Sametime user to your Yahoo! Messenger list…. It is entirely up to the Sametime deployment administrator if they want to enable Yahoo! interoperability for their employees. Some companies may choose to not enable this feature which means the Sametime friend you’re trying to add may be prohibiting it from their end. If the functionality does not work for a friend, you may want to ask that friend to contact their company’s IT group and ask them to enable Yahoo! / Sametime interop.

This latest interoperability is part of our overall effort to help Yahoo! users connect with more friends, family and co-workers around the world by partnering with the industry’s leading communication networks. The Yahoo! Messenger network currently interoperates with the Microsoft Windows Live Messenger, IBM Lotus Sametime and Microsoft Live Communication Server networks.

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