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Yahoo Messenger for iPhone now a featured App

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In case you missed it, Yahoo! Messenger for the iPhone is now available for download on from the iPhone App Store. I have to admit, I don’t have an iPhone – I’m a BlackBerry user – but I’ve seen it in action and it’s very, very cool. So cool, in fact, Apple have made it a featured application in the App Store in iTunes (scroll to the bottom of that page, if the link doesn’t take you there automagically).

The top features for the new Messenger version for the iPhone are:

  • Instant Messaging (of course)
  • Photo Sharing
  • Stealth Settings
  • Custom Status Messages
  • And more…

If you’d like to see it in action, Sarah on the Messenger team has called out the top Messenger for iPhone features in more detail. And they have put together a short video of Messenger for the iPhone in action.

It’s almost enough for me to take the plunge and buy an iPhone, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while. But for the moment, I’m sticking with my Blackberry, which of course has its own BlackBerry Yahoo! Instant Messenger application. I use it all the time, and especially like the way I can have conversations appear my main BB message list. That way I can go back to my important emails while I wait for John to tell me where he wants to go for lunch.

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